Niels en Sven bERT&dENNIS Carolijn Slottje David Lindberg Jorre van Ast Melle Hammer Sloom en Slordig

Kölnischer Kunstverein
Die Brücke
Hahnenstraße 6, Köln

19 - 26 January
11:00 - 20:00 hour

20th January
18:00 hour

Carolijn Slottje

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Capillair, a cabinet, was Carolijn Slottje's graduation piece at the Minerva Academy in 2008.

It is a profoundly original design that translates the human cellular structure into a flexible cabinet without a fixed frame.

Just like cells, it adapts to its surroundings. The cellular compartments are not glued together, and if need be, the rubber, straws and PVC can easily be taken apart and used again.

The design stems from Slottje's fascination for natural forms, patterns and repetition, and her partiality for proportional variation.


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