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Kölnischer Kunstverein
Die Brücke
Hahnenstraße 6, Köln

19 - 26 January
11:00 - 20:00 hour

20th January
18:00 hour

Jorre van Ast

Website :

Jorre van Ast (NL) Before joining the RCA, van Ast already had a background in Industrial Design. Following graduation he worked as an independent designer in London, focusing on (interior) Product Design. Besides his personal work, van Ast has recently joined manufacturer Arco contemporary furniture in the Netherlands.

The recent projects are the result of a study of several subjects: clamping, hexagonal forms, and treaded wood. During the design process the projects turned out to be part of an evolving family, sharing the common ground of connections and assemblages.

By abstracting these (mechanical) principles and extrapolating them, their geometric properties are translated into 'decorative' though functional solutions.


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