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Rhein Triadem
Konrad-Audenauer-Ufer 5-7
D-50668 Cologne

Opening times:
18th-24th January 2010



Monday 18-01-2010
from 15am - soft opening

Bauke Knottnerus

Website :

Bauke Knottnerus (DAE 2008, Eindhoven)
Rotterdam based designer Bauke Knottnerus (25) approaches design on a macro level using large threads to create large scale knitted objects. With these gigantic yarns, you can create/knit long objects. Filled with various types of foam, they form the building blocks for soft seats and carpets.

PHAT KNITS is a series of giant threads used to create, knitted or not, interior products. It's the closest you'll get to have your very own. Honey I Shrunk the Kids experience.

"Although this project isn't quite Spaghetti Monsterism, you may find the experience you glean from this, "Phat Knits," to be quite religious. A bunch of furniture -nay- interior product - that clicks the enlarge button on holiday gifts from Grandmother... and brings you what you've always wanted... GIANT THREADS.

You like giant things, right? I love giant things. "Interior Products" -as designer Bauke Knottnerus calls them- made out of giant threads. Sometimes knitted, sometimes piled up, sometimes so huge, just lying about alone, tied to nothin' at all. Stay phat". By Chris Burns. at Yanko


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