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Rhein Triadem
Konrad-Audenauer-Ufer 5-7
D-50668 Cologne

Opening times:
18th-24th January 2010



Monday 18-01-2010
from 15am - soft opening

Nynke Boelens

Website :

Nynke Boelens I am fascinated by materials, perception, textures, combining the old and new, how people use products, colours, interaction, transformation, the senses, attachment to products......... All these things play a big part in my designs.

Nynke Boelens (HKU 2009, Utrecht) graduating design is a flexible cupboard. 'All the things I keep inside' which consists of 480 parts which are all inter-connected with elastic cords. The original idea is the wish to get loose of the rigid cupboards and to create a cupboard which expands with the amount of things that are inside. Another facet is the visual feedback of the cupboard; the transformation of its contour and character and the story of visible < > invisible. The cupboard does no longer define the amount of things it can store. It has the quality to alter the proportion to the things stored.

And all the things one would normally tuck away on the attic now can be stored in the middle of your room, in a beautiful way.


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