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Rhein Triadem
Konrad-Audenauer-Ufer 5-7
D-50668 Cologne

Opening times:
18th-24th January 2010



Monday 18-01-2010
from 15am - soft opening

Nic Roex

Website :

Nic Roex(KABK 2009, The Hague)
His study course collection consists of furniture which is fabricated wholly from existing objects. One of these pieces "Spade Furniture" is made by metal spades and metal supports. The spades have the same contours as the human posterior. By placing these in an innovative fashion on a support structure, they take on a new use: a seat.

Furniture Designer Nic Roex (28): "Objects we see and use every day are often taken for granted. Not only the color but also the construction and shape. The intrinsic beauty of these objects only becomes obvious when they are placed and used in a different context. The objects possess properties which make them suitable as furniture. A simple change, without losing any of the material, is often enough to transform them into a part or all of, for example, a lamp or seat."


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