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Rhein Triadem
Konrad-Audenauer-Ufer 5-7
D-50668 Cologne

Opening times:
18th-24th January 2010



Monday 18-01-2010
from 15am - soft opening

Marieke van Diepen

Website :

A database of positive locations in the world where people feel instantly at home.

There probably is a place, somewhere in the world; when you arrived there you instantly felt at home and you know this place belongs to me! This place can be a country, a city, a forest, a little bench, a square, a room, or even one chair in a room.

Athometown is a project with different dimensions and layers. At a 2D map of an imaginary city an interested buyer can obtain a 3D jewel, a hand-made porcelain house. Every house is unique and has its own address on the map and at the virtual platform. There is one restriction, the new citizen will tell a short story of a special place in his life.

All those personal stories become a part of a database. A walk through the streets of offers the citizen entrance to many 'poetry of life stories' and opens what feeling at home means to people. With just one click on the houses with the red roofs one will be able to read the story of owner of that house.

In this project all aspects of my work are coming together: architectural environment, drawings, jewellery and web design.


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