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Rhein Triadem
Konrad-Audenauer-Ufer 5-7
D-50668 Cologne

Opening times:
18th-24th January 2010



Monday 18-01-2010
from 15am - soft opening

Niels Schuurmans

Website :

Niels Schuurmans (HKU 2008, Utrecht)
Niels Schuurmans graduated pieces are Balloon Furniture and 'Made in the USA'.

His main focus is interior products and accessories, mostly unique pieces or small series which he produces himself or in direct management.

"My work always originates in a very intuitive way, the concept or meaning of a certain piece mostly reveals itself in a later stage. Regarding my latest works I find myself searching for the boundaries between product design, sculptural art and popular culture". With 'Made in the USA', a lamp of two identical geometric forms - a twin & an airplane he uses a delicate icon of recent history.


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